Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel


Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel
Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel


  • Instant Cooling Effect
    An artificial temperature regulator draping towel with a smart hooded design to cover the head. Featuring a high-tech cooling fabric and a water-activated technology that delivers an instant, maximum cool-relief from up to an impressive 17° below. It successfully helps to keep the body temperature low even during and after a long exposure to scorching sun or high heat environments. Preventing heat exhaustions, heat cramps, heat stroke, fainting, fatigue, dehydration, nosebleed, heat-induced headache, and so much more. SImply soaked the whole towel with water, wrung it out, draped it over your head and shoulder, snapped it close, and experienced its arctic-like cooling performance!

Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel

  • Long Cooling Time
    This instant cooling hooded towel can provide a steady cooling effect from up to a long 2 hours of use. It even adopts a hyper-evaporative properties that effectively absorbs body perspiration and environmental moisture to create a prolonged cooling effect. No worries as this towel hoodie is completely drip-free so it can absorb more than its weight while remaining dry to touch and non-leaking. It can also reactivate easily by just wetting it again with water and wringing out the excess liquids to quick-dry.

  • Excellent Sun Protection
    The chilly hooded towel not only regulates the body’s temperature, but it also offers UPF 50+ fabric which covers a full spectrum of sun protection. It shades and perfectly blocks off harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin. Allowing you to enjoy various sunny activities or summer escapades without skin damages like sun spots, sunburnt, hyperpigmentation, pre-aging skin, and such.

Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel

  • Wide Application
    This water-triggered cooling towel supplies a simplistic design that is applicable for both men and women. It also has a convenient anti-slip front button that secures the hoodie in place even through harsh wind blows or as you create excessive movements. This cooling hooded towel can also stay your body freshened up with a high-comfort all-day wear experience. Suitable when cycling, jogging, exercising, hiking, golfing, camping, rock climbing, gardening, boating, beaching, traveling, or when you’re at parks, concerts, festivals, and such. The towel can be even used in various ways to wear like tying around the head, wrist, neck, loosely draped around the shoulders, and more possibilities.

Unisex Cooling Hooded Towel

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, microfiber fabric and breathable mesh with superior water-activated, evaporative cooling performance. It is 100% chemical-free and does not emit any odors even when wet with water or sweat to ensure maximum comfort and safety. This cooling hooded towel is incredibly smooth and soft-to-touch so it can stay skin-friendly at all times. Perfect for head, neck, face, shoulders, wrist, and other body parts. It also boasts great durability that can last for up to countless years of usage, multiple hand/machine washes without wearing-off.

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