TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush


TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush
TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush

TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush, for Creating a Microblading Effect

Over the past four years or so, microblading has become the semi-permanent solution for beefing up overplucked, sparse, and/or nonexistent brows. But that’s not to say the procedure is a one-size-fits-all solution: Not only is it expensive, and fades over time but it’s also a tad painful — and you’ll need to book retouching sessions with your cosmetic tattooist every one to two years.
TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush
That being said, if you’re looking for a more convenient approach to perfectly coiffed arches, TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush will get you there. They create the same effect as microblading — no incisions or appointments necessary.

What do people like about TheStunner™ Brush?

It creates natural-looking hair-like strokes!
It creates hairlike brow strokes with a flat angled tip for a smooth eyebrow application, perfect for outlining brows for those with fully shaved ones or filling in sparse eyebrows. Also, it can draw realistic hair strokes for filled beards or hairlines.

Multifunctional Brush (Accurate Filling and Contouring)
This versatile brow brush is ideal for filling, shaping lining the eyes, and applying mascara. The precise brush head can also be used with concealer to clean up brows after coloring application.
TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush
Ergonomic Handle
This eyeliner brush has an ergonomic round handle, which is very comfortable to hold and grip, allowing you to control the usage strength and accuracy comfortably.

Nylon Bristles
The nylon bristles of the brush expertly hold against different eyebrow products, including powder, gels, inks, or pomade brows and such.
TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush

Complete your eyebrows on fleek with TheStunner™ Eyebrow Cream

Formula:  TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush is a cream-pomade that gives a super-pigmented dose color along with a light hold that keeps arches looking groomed. The soft formula is super versatile, take a light-handed approach for a natural finish or build it up for a fuller, bolder brow.

“I love the TheStunner™ brand. You can barely tell I have the product in my brows, they look so natural yet glamorous! The formula gives thickness whilst seamlessly filling in the sparse gaps. The brown shade matched my own eyebrow color perfectly, plus it kept the hairs brushed up all day.” Rating: 10/10- by Kendra Willow
TheStunner™ 4D Realistic Hair-Stroke Brow Brush

What makes TheStunner™ your great choice?

  • Create awesome fluffy brows!
  • Made of synthetic fiber, aluminum, and solid wood
  • Perfect for grooming, filling, and shaping your eyebrows.
  • The bristles are soft and flexible
  • Easy to grip, making it easy to achieve the perfect brows every time.
  • The formula gives a bold brow finish
  • Smudge-proof, waterproof and long-lasting
  • Beginner-friendly as well for professional-use

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