Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball


Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball
Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball


 Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

  • Myofascial Release Ball / Handheld Massage Ball / Pedicure Massage Ball -Three Ways to Disassemble and Utilize Multi-functionality
  • Steadier Foot Base
  • Designed for ANYrelaxation and targeted massage area due to its convenient usage
  • Has soothing massage and deep relaxation functions
  • Food-Grade Eco-Friendly Material

Based on reliable scientific infomation:

Firstly, the cold compress function can help alleviate congestion and inflammation, providing immediate analgesic effects. This is particularly helpful in rapidly reducing discomfort following physical collisions during sports events. The application of cold water aids in constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow, thereby lowering the degree of congestion and swelling.

Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

Subsequently, the hot water function can soothe muscles after cold compress, promote blood circulation, and accelerate waste metabolization, thus assisting the body in a faster recovery. This is especially crucial for relaxing muscles and recovering from fatigue after prolonged athletic training.


Furthermore, as you mentioned, this massage ball has the capability to penetrate the skin layers and adjust its pressure according to one’s own strength, providing a highly targeted and personalized massage experience. This implies that it can be used to specifically alleviate bodily pain and discomfort according to individual needs.

Richard Hilton —Doctor of Mississippi States Hospital

 Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

The Seurico™ Hot and Cold Massage Roller Ball is a versatile tool that combines the benefits of hot and cold therapy with targeted massage techniques. The utilization of hot water helps to relax and loosen tense muscles, while cold water reduces inflammation and edema, making it suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. Furthermore, the design of the massage roller ball, with its ergonomic grip and dual-textured surface, allows for precise and controlled application. This feature enables users to effectively target specific muscle groups and joints, providing relief in a customized manner.

The Seurico™ Hot and Cold Massage Roller Ball’s ability to penetrate the skin’s layers and adjust pressure according to the user’s own strength enhances its therapeutic potential. It aids in reaching deep-seated muscle and joint discomfort, allowing for accurate pain relief. The device’s portability and ease of use make it a practical choice for home-based therapeutic interventions.

What is it? 


The Seurico™ hot and cold massage roller ball is a versatile and innovative self-care tool designed to provide soothing relief and relaxation to tired, tense muscles and joints. This compact and ergonomic device combines the therapeutic benefits of both heat and cold therapy, offering a unique and effective approach to alleviating muscle discomfort and promoting overall well-being. This remarkable device seamlessly combines the soothing benefits of hot and cold therapy with the rejuvenating power of massage, all in one portable and convenient package.

注水使用方法 Directions for filling water:

Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

Step 1 : Prepare the provided base.

Step 2: Place the massage ball into the base and rotate it.

Step 3 : Turn on the rotation button.

Step 4 : Inject a certain amount of hot water or cold water and set the whole thing back.

  • After Using the Foot Massage Roller Ball:

 Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

Relaxation: After using the roller ball, individuals often experience a deep sense of relaxation and relief. The massage action helps release muscle tension and relaxes the feet.

Pain Relief: The rolling motion of the ball can target specific pressure points on the feet, providing effective pain relief. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with conditions like plantar fasciitis or arthritis.

Improved Circulation: The massage action stimulates blood flow to the feet, promoting better circulation. This can alleviate symptoms of cold feet and numbness.

Enhanced Mobility: Regular use of the foot massage roller ball can increase foot flexibility and improve overall mobility.

Stress Reduction: The relaxing massage can also have a positive impact on reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.

Preventative Care: Using the roller ball as part of a routine can help prevent foot problems by maintaining foot health and addressing issues before they become more severe.

In summary, the before-and-after effects of using a foot massage roller ball typically involve a transition from discomfort, tension, and poor circulation to relaxation, pain relief, and improved foot health. Regular use can contribute to long-term benefits and overall well-being.

Composition of the product:

Seurico™ REACH EVERYWHERE Heat or Ice Therapy Massage Roller Ball

Our hot and cold roller massage balls are typically made of durable and safe materials that can withstand temperature changes and provide effective massage therapy. Additionally, consider the texture and design of the ball, as this can affect its effectiveness in providing a comfortable and effective massage.

Silicone: Silicone is a good for our hot and cold massage balls because it is flexible, easy to clean, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It can be heated or cooled to provide the desired temperature therapy.

Rubber: These balls also are made of rubber or rubber-like materials, which are durable and can handle temperature variations. They offer a good grip for massaging various parts of the body.

Total seal leak proof. Won’t leak water with any using angles.

Built-in double silicone seal ring.

Safe to use without tilting or slipping

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