Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating


Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating
Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating
Data Report: Over the past decade, the United States has experienced an average of five or more major snowstorms per year. Northern regions such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Maine were hardest hit. Snowstorms and ice buildup on vehicles can have several negative impacts, not only on the immediate  travel and safety aspects   , but also   on the long-term condition and lifespan of vehicles. contain:

Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating

1.Mechanical Stress:   The weight of accumulated snow and ice on a vehicle can place additional stress on a vehicle’s structural components. This stress can cause the body panels to bend or deform, which can cause damage and shorten the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

2.Engine Stress:   Frozen oil can cause the engine oil to become thicker, making it more difficult for the engine to start and operate efficiently. In addition, it can lead to increased engine wear and shortened service life.

3. Electrical System Problems:  Snow and ice can affect a vehicle’s electrical components, including sensors and wiring. Moisture from melting snow can cause electrical problems and potentially cause problems with the vehicle’s systems and shorten its lifespan.

Try this hydrophobic nanocoating from Oveallgo™ for automotive snow removal!

Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating

As climate challenges continue to worsen, it is critical to take proactive measures. Here are the latest solutions for 2023:

Extreme cold and snowstorms can threaten travel and people’s safety. Here are some of the problems vehicles face when exposed to these harsh conditions:  frozen door handles, snow-covered windshields, aging vehicles, and even cars buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

In both cases, access to your vehicle has become a challenging obstacle. However, there is now a wonderful solution –  Oveallgo™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating  . It can prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your beloved vehicle during heavy snowfall  , while also having composite functions such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and self-cleaning surface properties.

The key technologies behind the hydrophobic nanocoating Oveallgo™ Automotive Snow Removal:

The nano-biomorphological anti-ice and anti-snow agent for cars  is mainly composed of an alternating multiblock matrix of inorganic-organic interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN)  and highly active surface-modified nano-ice-repellent additives. It forms a 30 μm thick dry film on the treated surface. This unique protective layer has a wide range of applications, can cure at room temperature,  prevents snow and ice from adhering, and has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging properties, self-cleaning surfaces and improved hydrophobicity  . This prevents snow and ice from freezing on the vehicle.

Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating

Using IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) technology, a multiblock copolymer is created by modifying organic polymers with silicon-based inorganic polymers in an alternating arrangement. This process improves the mechanical properties such as adhesion and hardness of the coating. In addition, the surface of the coating has a low surface energy. By incorporating special surface-active substances and nano-rare earth oxides, the coating achieves a combination of properties through interaction, including low surface energy, high corrosion resistance, strong adhesion to the substrate, reduced resistance and prevention of wax formation.

Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating

These coatings are characterized by  excellent hydrophobic properties  , thanks to the formulation of  IPN  (Interpenetrating Polymer Networks) substrates and highly active surface-modified nano-ice and snow-repellent additives. They are both anti-ice and anti-snow coatings based on organosilicon technology. The resulting coatings have excellent water-repellent properties on their surfaces.

What makes Oveallgo™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating the best choice?

  • Yard Machines’ expertise in de-icing technology
  • 360° all-round de-icing
  • No side effects on the human body
  • Fashionable appearance and easy to use
  • Can be self-curing at room temperature
  • It has composite functions such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and surface self-cleaning.

Seurico™ Automotive Snow Removal Hydrophobic Nano Coating

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