SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume


SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume
SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

Congratulations! Our clients are successfully lost weight in a month!

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

“I would often eat at fast food restaurants with friends and I could feel my weight has been rising. When I saw this AppleFit Perfume, it smells so clean, fruity and refreshing. I can’t stop using it every day and I can see that I’m beginning to stop my binge eating. I’ve lost 2kg in a week because I’ve cut down on my favourite pizza! After one month, it made me lose a whole 9kg!!! OMG!!! I bought another 8 pieces for my friends, hope they like it!” – Daphne Williams

“I had a hard time resisting food. Even though I am full, when I smell something good, I can’t help but keep eating. So I gained 20kg in a year. But when I got frustrated, I came across this SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume on the internet and since it said it would help me curb my appetite and achieve weight loss, I bought it without hesitation! I tried it on my neck and the scent kept me fresh all day! The most amazing thing is that when I smell food, I don’t have urge to eat! I lost 7kg in a month!” – Jeanie Roberts
SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

­In recent years, many studies have concluded that apple aroma is a new way to control appetite for weight loss. Therefore, SatisfyLight™, which concentrates 50+ freshly squeezed New Zealand apple juice as the main fragrance, has been approved by international scientific research institutes and is now the first original perfume brand to be scented with apple ingredients!

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

Unconscious Eating Causes Weight Gain

Unconscious eating, also known as mindless eating, refers to the habit of eating without being fully aware or conscious of what and how much you are consuming. It often involves eating out of habit, in response to external cues, or as a result of emotional triggers, rather than in response to genuine hunger or nutritional needs.

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

Many psychological counsellors have found that 90% of obese people are obese because of unconscious eating. Unconscious eating stimulates hunger hormones in the nerve cells of the brain, promoting appetite and making people keep on eating. Hunger hormones are used by the gut to inform the brain that it is ‘time to eat’. Neuroscientists have found that 85% of the obesity problem is due to visual and olfactory effects.

Smelling SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume helps Weight Loss

The rich apple scent is quickly filtered and analyzed by the odor molecules entering the nose, which immediately transmits information to the part of the hypothalamus that controls hunger, thus directly influencing the brain’s judgement of hunger levels. A small amount of this perfume can stimulate the nerves in the brain to activate and increase leptin within 1 second, increasing the sense of satiety, reducing unconscious eating and achieving a controlled eating effect.

No longer trigger by food

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

 In addition, generally speaking, when seeing colourful food, the visual nerve will affect the brain nerve, mistakenly believing that the glucose level in the body is low, creating the illusion of needing to replenish energy, thus giving the command to eat more, resulting in an increase in abdominal fat, which will eventually lead to a risk of obesity. SatisfyLight™ is not influenced by the visual impact of brightly coloured food and does not give the brain the illusion of low glucose levels, it suppresses saliva production and enhances self-awareness of fullness to achieve weight loss.

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume is approved by the International Academy of Neuroscience

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

According to American neuroscientists Dr Kirsten, FG., the sense of smell is quicker than the sense of sight, and the smell of apples can cause the brain to pick up on food messages, which can soothe the emotions, calm the mood and prevent gobbling, resulting in less food being consumed naturally. Dr Kirsten and several neuroscientists have shown that SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume affects both the visual and olfactory nerves, increase leptin, stimulating areas of the brain associated with feelings of satiety and satisfaction and sending messages to the brain and stomach about the feeling of fullness, thus stoping binge eating. Fat-burning effect without the need to exercise. It can help to losing an average of 5kg a month.

 Why so many people choosing SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume?

Unique formulation of ingredients

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

Recommended Areas to Spray

SatisfyLight™ AppleFit Perfume

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