RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower


RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower
RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

Data report on vehicle freezing and scrapping due to major snowstorms in the United States: Over the past decade, there have been approximately 36 major snowstorms each year, with the northern and northeastern regions hardest hit. Every year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are immobilized or no longer roadworthy due to freezing. Heavy snowstorms lead to vehicle damage, obsolescence and an increase in traffic accidents.

RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

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Severe subzero temperatures and snowstorms make getting around difficult. Problems that cars face outdoors – the handlebars are frozen, the windshield is covered with snow, and even the vehicle is buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

In both cases it is impossible to get into the vehicle. Now there’s a great solution – the RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower. It can prevent your car from being covered by snow during heavy snowfall, and you no longer have the trouble of being trapped by ice and snow. 

RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

Key technologies of the RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

The electromagnetic energy of the composite frequency band can effectively affect ice and snow that comes into contact with the car body by activating their molecular motion, thereby quickly melting ice and snow on the surface of the vehicle. In addition, this special composite frequency band only has a subtle effect on the movement of water molecules, so there is truly no radiation and no side effects on vehicle materials or the human body.

RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

In addition, an “active electron” was accidentally discovered in the laboratory. It can make the structure of water molecules less compact, so that the water does not solidify easily at low temperatures, and maintain the active movement of water molecules. This ensures that the vehicle will not freeze for a long time in low temperature environments.

Practical and stylish car accessories

The RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower not only has excellent practical performance, but also a beautiful and stylish appearance, making it an excellent decoration in the car.

RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

Not only does it add a sense of style to the interior of the vehicle, but it also fits perfectly with different models. Whether it is a luxury sedan, an SUV or a small car, this de-icer can be integrated into the vehicle and gives the entire interior a sophisticated decoration. The design details and smooth lines complement the exterior design of modern vehicles and demonstrate attention to detail and sophisticated craftsmanship. The easy-to-install base is powered by solar cells, no external power supply is required. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower

What makes RICPIND Electromagnetic Snow Melt Heat Blower the best choice?

  • NASA’s definitive aerospace technology
  • No harm to the electronic devices in the car and the human brain
  • 360° all-round de-icing
  • No heat or radiation
  • No side effects on the human body
  • Elegant appearance and easy to install
  • Solar powered, no external power required

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