Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher


Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher
Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher

Introducing the Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher: Your Natural Solution for Neck Pain and Migraines!

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Years of hard work, poor sleeping positions, and bad posture can take a toll on your neck, causing cervical discs to misalign and put pressure on nerves. This leads to neck pain, TMJ, tension headaches, and even radiating pain and numbness in your shoulder.

Timeless Black Modern Grey Vibrant Red

But now, with the power of cervical traction, the Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher can reverse the damage in your neck and address the root cause of your pain. It gently stretches your neck and decompresses your spine, allowing bulging or herniated discs to retract and heal.

Experience the relief you’ve been searching for with a healthy, pain-free neck that will put a smile on your face, so you can finally get back to living life to the fullest!

How Does it Work

Timeless Black Modern Grey Vibrant Red

The Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher’s effectiveness lies in its innovative approach to addressing neck pain and discomfort. Using patented three-way cervical traction technology, this device gently and precisely decompresses your cervical discs at a 26° angle. By doing so, it relieves the accumulated pressure on your nerves, providing immediate relief from neck pain. Additionally, the Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher promotes optimal blood flow to the neck and shoulder area, facilitating the natural healing process. This unique combination of decompression and enhanced blood circulation not only reduces pain but also aids in the recovery of damaged spinal structures and muscles.

Timeless Black Modern Grey Vibrant Red

Wearing it for just 10 mins a day, for 5-7 days, can promote natural healing. With regular use, you can expect improved neck mobility, reduced tension headaches, and long-lasting relief from neck pain and migraines. Discover the science behind your pain relief and regain control of your neck’s health with the Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher.

Eliminating Multiple Types of Pain

Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher

Neck Pain – The Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher gently decompresses cervical discs, eliminating neck pain and improving mobility.

Tension Headaches – Tight neck and upper back muscles often lead to tension headaches. Our stretcher boosts nutrient-rich blood flow to your neck, soothing muscles and relieving headaches and migraines almost instantly.

Dowager’s Hump / Desk Posture – Poor posture can lead to a hunched neck. The Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher encourages proper neck positioning, improving posture and eliminating neck humps.

Pinched Nerve – Compressed cervical discs can pinch nerves. Our stretcher loosens your spine at an optimized 26º angle, comfortably decompressing vertebrae and allowing bulging or herniated discs to retract, allowing inflamed nerves to repair.

Strains and Sprains – Pain can result from strained muscles, ligaments, muscle spasms, damaged discs, injuries, or falls. The Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher supports your neck and enhances nutrient-rich blood flow, aiding the healing process and helping you enjoy life without restrictions.

Injury Recovery – Preventing unnecessary movement is crucial in recovering from a neck injury. The Quyxen™ Neck Stretcher provides firm support, allowing your muscles to maintain a healthy posture, facilitating effective and rapid healing.

How to Use

1. Carefully slide the deflated stretcher beneath your neck, positioning it to offer support to the base of your skull and upper neck.

2. Open the inflation valve and start inflating the stretcher gradually. Stop when it feels comfortably snug beneath your neck.

3. Once the neck stretcher is inflated to your desired level, lie still and relax for approximately 5-15 minutes. Concentrate on slow, deep breaths to enhance relaxation.

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