Portable Electric Hair Shaver


Portable Electric Hair Shaver
Portable Electric Hair Shaver


  • Swift and Easy Painless Shaving
    A handy, lipstick-like beauty shaver designed with an advanced razor sharp blade and ultra-thin metal layer that covers the blade. Providing you a consistent, impressively close shave that leaves the smoothest of skin with not a single strand of peach fuzz behind. What’s more? This grooming tool can flawlessly glide through the skin and trim up hair completely painless and non-irritating. Preventing your skin from experiencing redness, burning sensation, cuts, darkening, bumpiness, and other discomfort or damages after shaving.

Portable Electric Hair Shaver

  • Ergonomic Design
    Ideally lightweight and slim enough to be held comfortably with great ease. It also offers a non-slip body which delivers optimal maneuverability and securedness even with wet or sweaty hands. The trimmer also promotes an excellent, high-quality, painless shave without any sort of hair clogging. Ensuring you with continuous, smooth hair removal and grooming anytime. It can be held and used for a prolonged shaving session without causing hand fatigue, numbing, soreness, and such. Moreover, this grooming tool has an integrated LED that produces a bright illumination that lets the user shave easily and precisely even in low light environments.
  • IPX6 Waterproof
    Adopts a superior water-resistant protection that can withstand rains, water, sweat, splashes, and strong water jets. It works remarkably and safely with both dry or wet shaving without damaging or causing any electrical or fire hazards. Furthermore, this lipstick style shaver also allows it to be cleaned easily by rinsing with water. Eliminating the risk of any bacterial contamination and hair building up through the blades.

Portable Electric Hair Shaver

  • Wide Application
    Provides the perfect shaving width which enables it to easily remove hair to the curvature of the face and body. It even supplies a well-built shaving razor that can tackle through thin and even the thickest of facial and body hair with no issues. No worries as the eclectic shaver is conveniently cordless so you can freely and comfortably anywhere where trimming is needed. Suitable for upper lips, unibrow, chin, cheeks, face, underarms, hands, and other body parts.
  • Highly Portable and Rechargeable
    Supplies built-in rechargeable batteries that can last a couple of hours of continued operation. It can be powered using a USB cord and plug in laptops, PCs, or phone chargers with only an hour or less of waiting time to be fully charged. This electric cordless facial hair trimmer is super light and compact enough to fit neatly on bags and hygiene kits without taking up space. It allows you to easily make a comfortable fast shave anytime, anywhere. Great when you’re out for vacation, business trips, hotels, apartments, dormitories, and such.

Portable Electric Hair Shaver

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, rust-resistant materials and amazing battery powered technology with unparalleled durability and high-end performance level. It supports long-term, everyday usage and exposure to water without damaging, rusting, or easily dulling. Making it the best and safest shaver for both men and women that needed regular facial or body hair removal.

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