Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk


Fivfivgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-Glow-Körpermilch
Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk

Your ally against the signs of aging, Youthful skin is not just a dream!

Want to know a secret to silky soft skin? Skincare has been booming in the past couple of decades. Due to advances in cosmetic research and popular trends such as skincare and the recent boom in skincare made the industry a powerful giant. Skincare is useful for both men and women, and for all ages.

You’ve tried it all. You’ve tried the creams, the lotions, the masks, the scrubs… but nothing is working. Your skin is still dull and dry and lifeless, no matter how many products you slather on. Your skin is a reflection of what’s inside, and if your insides aren’t looking so hot, your skin sure as heck isn’t either. But we have a solution for you!

Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk

Let’s see what some of our customers are saying:

Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk

I have very dry skin, and I am constantly buying different creams that promise to be moisturizing. I bought Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk based on the description and reviews. I put it on yesterday for the first time. It goes on smoothly. The product is not heavy, sticky or greasy, which is a big plus. Usually, other products that declare moisturizing, have one or all of these defects. After a full week with Oveallgo™… on, I do feel that it has moisturized my skin, I do not feel the dry skin flaring-up, leading to me scratching it with my back scratcher. After a week, I have to say this is a winner for me, it does moisturize my dry, alligator skin. Perfect!

Jane Monroe, 34, Birmingham, Alabama

Key Ingredients:

Marine Collagen – helps to enhance suppleness and flexibility of the skin, prevent dehydration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Passionflower – known for its skin-soothing properties and is rich in antioxidants to protect and brighten skin’s appearance.

Kukui Seed Oil – provides moisture and nourishment to dry, mature skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil – a skin-replenishing extract can be used to calm and nourish your skin whilst encouraging a healthy-looking appearance.

Vitamin E – provides significant antioxidant properties to help purify the skin of free radicals and minimize aging effects caused by the environment.

Oveallgo™ Cold White Skin Hydra-glow Body Milk

How to Use:

  • Use when required, but for best results apply after shower or bath on towel dried skin
  • Hold 10cm from the skin
  • Spritz over arms, legs and body
  • Massage until absorbed

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