Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks


Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks
Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

Varicose Veins: Know its Stages of Development

Varicose veins are a very common condition that causes excessive venous pressure due to the destruction of the venous valves over time. At the beginning of varicose veins in the lower extremities, there are often no obvious symptoms, but some people may feel itchy skin on the lower legs, swelling and soreness in the legs, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and especially soreness in the lower legs and swelling in the ankles after standing all day. The more severe the degree of varicose veins, the more obvious the local pain in the lower extremities, and even the occurrence of blood stasis in the feet and the purple color of the ankles. In more severe cases, blood does not flow back easily and pigmentation, eczema-like dermatitis, and possibly bruised ulcers and sometimes bleeding from ruptured veins occur. In some cases, the vein wall becomes clotted and inflamed, known as thrombophlebitis, and the epidermis becomes red, swollen, painful, and even quite painful nodules may be palpable along the vein. If the clot moves with the blood flow to the lungs, a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism can occur.

What is the special part of Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks?

Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

Tourmaline is a natural gemstone, called tourmaline in mineralogy, It has a unique piezoelectric and thermoelectric effect, which generates an electric charge when it is heated, pressured or excited by other energy, releasing a large number of negative ions and emitting beneficial far-infrared rays, with special electromagnetic wave protection function. Tourmaline powder is added to various carriers, which has a variety of effects: generate negative oxygen ions; can inhibit bacteria and eliminate odor; can live gas. Tourmaline also has health care functions, to promote human metabolism, eliminate fatigue, stabilize the plant nervous system, improve human microcirculation are very good effect; Secondly, the negative ions released by Tourmaline can neutralize body fluids to make it alkaline, purify blood, activate cells, to ensure vigorous energy.

What is the function of Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks?

Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

It stimulates over 2800 reflex points on your feet. Nliploud™ PulseGrid  Tourmaline Ionic Socks Based on infrared, magnetic therapy and ionic therapy, these Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks provide users with multi-faceted leg massage and stimulation. It helps to effectively stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, relieves varicose veins and reduces fluid accumulation and cellulite in the body.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared is a region of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Far infrared rays can penetrate 16mm of human subcutaneous tissue, which means it could penetrate through deep muscle tissue, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments and help to repair damaged cells, expand micro vessels, promote blood circulation, activate enzymes, and accelerate the metabolism of blood and cell tissues. It does this by warming up the body and encourages heart rate and activity even when you’re not exercising. It also boosts blood flow, circulation, and the body’s enzyme and hormone production which are essential in fat burn and weight loss.

Research has shown that Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks are the best choice for relieving knee pain and inflammation. Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks self-release negative ions and far infrared rays. According to New York Medicine, the easiest, safest and most effective way to treat most diseases, including cancer, is to improve the body through infrared therapy. Infrared therapy causes blood vessels to dilate, which enhances circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

ION Technology

Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

Tourmaline is attached to the belly and foot of the Ionic Socks through a special process. Infrared  combined with ION therapy can help you relieve pain in various parts of your body, relax tense and cramped muscles, strengthen muscle tissue, reduce the accumulation of body cellulite, and relieve varicose veins. In a long-term observation, it could even prevent cancer, gout, osteomyelitis, morton’s neuroma, arthritis and referred pain from the low back (S1 radiculopathy).

Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline minerals on the bottom and belly of the sock (a precious natural mineral) stimulates the foot and calf muscles through acupoint massage to promote blood circulation and relax the foot. Other conditions can also be relieved, such as varicose veins, muscle tension, foot fatigue, muscle tightness, muscle spasms, neuropathy, chronic neuralgia, and plantar fasciitis to restore the perfect shape of your legs overnight!

Our Nliploud™ PulseGrid  Tourmaline Ionic Socks can help you with your weight loss program, and even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet, 80% of reflexology can get you to the weight you want. By Infrared, magnetic therapy, and ION therapy, this Silk Stockings helps to increase the speed of metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and eliminate cellulite and lipedema accumulated in the body.

What makes  Nliploud™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks the best choice for you?

✓ Removes varicose & spider veins once and for all
✓ Unique tourmaline ion technology
✓ Reduces physical fatigue & inflammation
✓ Prevents fat accumulation for a healthy body
✓ Prevents cancer cells & strengthens the immune system
✓ Controls appetite & reduces harmful body waste
✓ Improves lymphatic circulation
✓ Quick relief to swollen and heavy legs, ankles, and feet
✓ Helps plump and firm skin.
✓ Effective cellulite removal
✓ Improves lymphatic circulation
✓ Well-made, high elasticity, soft, breathable and invisible and comfortable
✓ Worked for Over 96% of the Users

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