Liascy LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra


Liascy LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra
Liascy LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

How does the Lymphatic System work?

Women’s breasts feature numerous lymphatic vessels that create a web of connections to the other lymph networks in the chest, neck, underarms, and abdomen.

The lymphatic system is critical for human health. It helps flush out toxins, waste, fat and other unwanted material in the body and boosts immunity. Lymph nodes act as filters, getting rid of toxins and fat from the lymph. For women, detoxing the lymph can help prevent breast diseases.

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Lymphatic system is actually a part of the immune system and could a lot of things for you including protecting your body from invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing fat in digestive tract, and removing cellular waste. Obstruction, disease or infection can affect the function of the lymphatic system.

Understanding Breast Growth
Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Most women are genetically predisposed to having small breasts, just as they are programmed to be a certain height or weight. This is usually aesthetic, as opposed to the medical definition of post-puberty underdeveloped breasts, known as macromastia (as well as hypomania, breast hypoplasia, and mammary hypoplasia). Below are the different stages of breast development.

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Breast health issues are commonly seen in females such as breast hyperplasia(ductal or lobular), breast cysts, fibroadenoma, breast calcification, and swollen breast lymph nodes.etc.

Once breast diseases are not taken care of, they may deteriorate into breast cancer. To prevent breast disease and sagging breasts. The Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra has been proven to help resolve breast disease and Prevents sagging. and is fairly safe,

Study has unveiled the helpful role of tourmaline in lymphatic drainage for body detox

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Tourmaline contains many kinds of trace elements, such as Mg, Fe, B, Si, Ca and so on. These trace elements can regulate human health.

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health, tourmaline has been shown to be effective for most clinically severely obese patients in addition to surgery and diet programs. In a trial, we also found that this method was effective for 28 of 30 morbidly obese people (about 93%).

Tourmaline is proven to have a therapeutic effect. It could help to promote blood and lymphatic circulation in the body for its high iron content.So, we know that if the blood circulation is poor, the cells in your body will not be able to get the nutrients and oxygen needed to thrive, leading to slow metabolism and toxin accumulation.

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

After treatment, limb measurement decreased significantly and one’s life quality improved. Laboratory tests showed that the treatment reduced the deposit of body fluid and fat, and so left limbs much less swelling.

The trace elements in tourmaline can enhance the permeability of cell membrane, which is beneficial to the absorption of tissue fluid by lymphatic vessels. Therefore, it can prevent the obstruction of the lymphatic channels.

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Tourmaline, working as the energy source, is attached to elastic fibers of this Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra and can produce heat without electricity and other energy sources. There are a number of tourmaline points that can form an energy field, which can generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour. It helps to effectively stimulate the body’s blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells and toxins, reduce body fluid accumulation and help reduce excess body fat.

“Proper lymphatic function is crucial for our overall health and well-being. The Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra provides a natural solution for promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing excess fluid buildup, and shaping and lifting the bust area. With its innovative design, this bra offers comfortable and effective support while enhancing your feminine figure.”

– Dr. Maria Hernandez.

There are about 400 key tourmaline points. Tourmaline embellished with magnets can promote blood circulation and unblock meridians. They release negative ions to activate cells and keep women’s breasts healthy, thus improving overall health of one’s body.

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra

Liascy™ LymphPurify Tourma-Oxy Bra is proven to help

✅Reduces body waste and excess fat, slims the body

✅Accelerate lymphatic drainage and solve lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipoma, etc.)

✅Firm your breasts and make them bigger

✅Solve various breast diseases (lumps, hyperplasia, calcification, cysts, etc.)

✅ Relieve chronic inflammation

✅Boost immunity and physical health

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