IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract


IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract
IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

Key factors that lead to serious problems for women include:

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

Physiological factors: e.g. hormonal changes (e.g. menopause), chronic diseases, side effects of drugs, etc.
Psychological factors: such as emotional problems, anxiety, depression, stress, low self-confidence, etc.
Lifestyle: unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, fatigue, etc.
Substance abuse or addiction: Abuse of certain drugs or substances may affect libido.
Neuroendocrine factors: some hormones or neurotransmitter secretion disorders, affecting appetite and satiety, when the body’s fat stores significantly more than the average amount of normal people in general, weight gain, and cause abnormal changes in the body’s metabolism, physiology and biochemistry .

How does streptomycin metabolic extract work?

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

Streptomycin is a long-acting and potent specific gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. It exerts its therapeutic effect by forming covalent bonds with the active silk heliotrope site of gastric lipase in the stomach history and pancreatic lipase in the lumen of the small intestine, inactivating the enzymes.

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

Streptomycin works by inducing faster differentiation and renewal of epidermal cells. This helps remove dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new healthy cells, improves skin texture, and it stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that streptomycin helps keep skin elastic and smooth. By increasing collagen, it is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces pigmentation in the skin and lessens dark spots and discoloration. This gives us a more even skin tone.

Dr. Mary Blackwell, who participated in the study, told us that

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

“Women, we all know that health is the most valuable asset. As a woman, I am often committed to solving problems for women, and we developed this product in September 2022 after four years of tracking and research. We were inspired by the women of the Amazon tribe. Through field research, we found that women in their fifties were still able to be fertile, thanks in large part to their regular consumption of plants rich in isoflavones and soy isoflavones, as well as a high intake of fruits. Based on these findings, we formulated the product combining these elements. We further refined it based on the needs of American women by adding herbal extracts to improve absorption and hormone synthesis.” The patented formula is now certified and marketed in the U.S. EMA registry.

Add a variety of active ingredients

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

Zinc: It is a trace element that is essential for maintaining normal hormone levels and sexual function. Zinc deficiency may affect libido and accelerate aging.
Vitamin D: Vitamin D is involved in the production and regulation of sex hormones. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to decreased libido and early menopause.
Phytoestrogens: Compounds in plants, such as isoflavones and soy isoflavones, have some estrogenic activity and can have a positive impact on women’s sexual health by enhancing estrogen production.
L-Arginine: This is an amino acid that contributes to female sexual function and increases sexual arousal.
Natural Herbal Supplements: Natural herbs such as garlic and cilice herb have aphrodisiac properties and anti-aging properties.

What makes Streptomycin Metabolic Extract the best choice for you?

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

✔ Increases estrogen release

✔  Reduces risk of obesity

✔ Enhance libido

✔ Restore health

✔ Delay aging

✔ Delay menopause

✔ Enhance sleep quality

Streptomycin metabolic extract – make every moment extraordinary!

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract
I am very satisfied with the effectiveness of Streptomycin Metabolic Serum. After using it for a month, I noticeably felt an improvement in my back and lower back discomfort. In addition, my libido increased significantly. The fatigue in daily life has also been greatly reduced. I am really grateful for this product.                 —– Jessica Johnson

IC BIO™ Streptomycin metabolic extract

I can only describe this product in one word – amazing! Just a month ago, I suffered from frequent back pain and lost a lot of interest in private matters. However, since I started taking Streptomycin Metabolic Essence, my condition has improved dramatically. I now feel full of energy, as if I am my younger self again.          —– Linda Gracias

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