HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer


HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
The latest scientific research technology — Let the car no longer stuck with ice and snow
A professional research and development team has concluded through experiments that microwaves with frequencies similar to the vibration and rotation frequencies of water molecules affect the physical properties of water molecules, allowing them to vibrate actively even at the freezing point.
HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
In addition, our independently developed special energy agent accelerates molecular diffusion when exposed to microwaves, combines with air molecules in the vehicle, promotes the intense movement of air molecules and generates a significant amount of energy, thus achieving the extraordinary phenomenon of no ice formation. . inside or outside the vehicle.
The Microwave and Radio Frequency Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, in collaboration with the Molecular Materials Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), provided technical support for this research and its civilian applications, transforming the technology originally designed for aerospace engineering into a reality. I hope this advanced science and technology can help everyone overcome ice and snow challenges and travel more comfortably.
HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
Practical and stylish car accessories
Car Microwave Defrost Tool has excellent performance in terms of practicality as well as attractive and stylish appearance, making it a perfect decoration in the car.
HEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
It not only adds style to the car interior, but also fits perfectly with various models. Whether it is a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV or an economical vehicle, this defroster can be integrated into the vehicle and add elegant decoration to the overall interior. Design details and smooth lines complement the exterior design of modern vehicles, revealing the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

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