Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device


Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device
Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device


  • Excellent Anti-Snoring Effect
    A high-performance anti-snoring solution that can be safely inserted directly through the nose to promote a healthier and better nasal breathing. Featuring an innovative twin turbo, micro blower that delivers a consistent soothing air flow without causing any sort of obstruction. Allowing it to successfully eliminate air resistance in the nasal passages to increase airflows and relax the tissues that creates vibrations. Thus, preventing the annoying horse, harsh, and loud sound of snoring to ensure you and your family have a restful and quiet slumber. Available in different trendy color selections, including white, mint green, and dark blue!

Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device

  • Multiple Health Benefits
    This smart anti-snoring device can promote a deep, peaceful sleep every night and also offers permanent effect. It enables you to completely stop snoring with just 2-3 weeks of continued regular use. Moreover, this device not only treats snoring issues, but it can also help in improving the delivery of oxygen through the nasal. It effectively protects the oral airway and minimizes the negative effects of breathing with the mouth due to snoring. No more disrupted sleep, dry throat, bacterial inhalation, sleeplessness, stress, and other complications because of snoring or breathing through the mouth.

Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device

  • Ergonomic Design
    The electric nasal device adopts a silicone nasal plugs that fits perfectly and comfortably through the nostrils. It is also secured enough to keep them in place even as you continuously toss around or sleep on the sides. No worries as this device is conveniently wireless and it can release maximum air flow without any noise disturbance. It is completely smooth so you can confidently insert it in the nostrils without discomfort or scratching. Additionally, this anti-snoring device is also specially made to operate all night and not heat up to ensure overall safety.

Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device

  • Rechargeable Device
    This snore stopper boasts advanced built-in batteries that can last all throughout your deep sleep without weakening or running out. Its long-lasting batteries can also easily fully power boost in no time using the included cord. The anti-snoring device is highly compact so you can carry and recharge it with you for an uninterrupted night’s sleep anytime, anywhere you are. Great when you’re at home or out for travel, vacation, sleepover, business trips, hotels, apartments, dormitories, and such.

Goodream™ Electric Anti-Snoring Device

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest quality material and special technology with a remarkable durability and anti snoring performance. It can withstand multiple years of daily usage and recharging without damaging or weakening. This snore stopper device does not leach any toxic fumes or chemicals and can be safely used each night without risking the user’s health.

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