flysmus MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume


flysmus MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume
flysmus MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

Let’s see the happy customers who tried flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume!

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

The flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume is new fragrance. It is a sensory journey that unveils a delicate fusion of floral and fruity accords. Unleash your inner goddess with our captivating perfume, crafted to embody the perfect balance of feminine grace and an alluring magnetism that mesmerizes men. Leaving a trail of mesmerizing beauty wherever you go. Prepare to make heads turn and hearts skip a beat with each intoxicating whiff. 

Scientifically Verified & Proven

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

Our perfume is backed by scientific formulation, carefully selecting and blending specific scent molecules that work harmoniously to create a captivating and well-balanced fragrance that appeals to the olfactory senses. Also, our scientifically designed perfume undergoes rigorous dermatological testing to ensure it is safe and gentle on the skin. With a focus on skin compatibility, you can confidently wear our perfume without worrying about any irritations or sensitivities.

What is Pheromones?

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

When the pheromone-infused aroma arrives at the nostrils, it stimulates the olfactory system, bypassing the rational brain. This sensory information is sent to the behavior center in the brain, where it produces a positive effect on basal behavioral responses.

Perfectly Fusion Body Fragrance

Utilizing a specialized fragrance blend and ion-binding technology, it produces a distinctive scent when it interacts with human skin or sweat. Its solid perfume has a melting point of 71°C Celsius ensuring that it won’t melt away. As a result, this product offers superior lasting power when compared to traditional liquids.

Why does flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume Effective?

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume formulation is capable of influencing moods, emotions, and affection. Humans brains have pheromone receptors, and you’ll be lighting them up. This will cause to start feeling attracted to each other. The pheromones themselves have no scent. There is no way they will detect that you’re wearing them—-other than the fact that he is suddenly attracted to you!

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

What Makes The flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume SPECIAL?

  Increase of the number of eye contacts from both men & women

  Increase of the number of interactions with men & women

  Develop a faster chemistry

  Energize your couple’s life

  Helps reduce stress

Here are some of our happy customers:

flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume
flysmus™ MystiBelle Pheromone Solid Perfume

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