Fivfivgo EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings


Fivfivgo EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings
Fivfivgo EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings

Wearing these Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings has been proven to:

✅ Increase in resting metabolism
✅ Flush out harmful toxins
✅ Lose weight easier
✅ Block excess fat production
✅ Curb appetite and feel full longer
✅ Eliminate lymph problems
✅ Improve mood and well-being

First, let’s introduce the customers who have used the amazing product!

Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings
“These Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings are probably one of the best detox magnetotherapy products on the market. I used to try different weight loss or lymphatic solutions available on the internet but this one is very good because it could help me curb my appetite and made me lose a tremendous amount of fat in my belly . I was surprised that I was able to go down two dress sizes in three months. I wear these earrings consistently to maintain my figure and prevent any lymphatic problems. I highly recommend it!”
Marina Vrielink, 26, Seattle, Washington
Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings
“I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight because of my upcoming wedding and I can say I’m quite successful at it.  But I noticed that the excess flab on my chin wasn’t flattening out despite weight loss.  So I was trying to look for something that could help me with that and that’s when I discovered the Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings.  Not only does it get rid of the fat under my chin, but it also helps me contour my entire body without costly procedures.  Now I’m ready to say I do!”
Veteleanu Elena, 34, Glendale, Arizona

The role of the lymphatic system in  the body’s metabolism and the removal of toxins from the body  is definitely underestimated. The lymphatic system runs throughout the body and the amount of excess fat, waste products and toxins that are eliminated is largely dependent on the ability of the lymphatic system to absorb and eliminate these substances. The lymph nodes are also the main organ that produces immune factors to  eliminate various inflammatory diseases and bacteria  . These pollutants filtered by the lymph and the immune factors produced by the lymph are then transported by the circulatory system to other parts of the body for processing.

Do you know how our lymphatic system works?
Your lymphatic system, part of your immune system, has many functions.  These include protecting your body from disease-causing invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing fats from the digestive tract, and removing cellular waste. Blockages, diseases or infections can impair the function of your lymphatic system.
Your lymphatic system has many functions.  Its main functions include:
  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body from foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph
The lymphatic system helps the body fight off pathogenic germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The system builds immunity by producing special white blood cells (called lymphocytes) that produce antibodies responsible for immune responses that protect the body against disease.
Studies unveil the  magnetic approach to lymphatic drainage
The study showed that the application of  pulse magnetic therapy had a  positive effect  on all components of the  microcirculatory bloodstream  of patients with lower extremity lymphedema.
Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings
The National Institutes of Health reported that, in addition to surgery and diet regimens,  magnetotherapy has been shown to be effective over the long term in most patients with clinically severe obesity. After reviewing the literature on  magnetic weight loss therapy  , we find that this approach works for  16 out of 20 (approximately 80%) morbidly obese  individuals.
Magnetic therapy is credited with healing properties  due to its  high iron content  , which  promotes blood and lymphatic circulation  in the body    . Well, we know that when there is poor circulation, the cells in your body are prevented from getting the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive, leading to a slow metabolism and a build-up of toxins. 
Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings   can effectively increase the permeability of lymphocytes, increase the activity of the lymphatic system to improve the absorption of harmful substances, and enhance the response of immune factors to increase the sensitivity and ability to respond to harmful substances. Ultimately  , it greatly improves the ability of the lymphatic system and helps people become healthier  .
Studies show that ear acupuncture helps with weight loss:
Of all parts of the body, the ear is the most studied microsystem.
Acupuncture is performed to   regulate imbalances and improper flow or circulation in the body that are affecting a person’s health. Earrings are pierced at specific points in the ear to help regain balance and improve health.
Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings
It is a safe procedure that directly accesses the body’s nerve, muscle and other bodily organs.

We all know that the imbalance of thyroid hormone (TH) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in the body is the direct cause of goiter, and substances such as cholesterol and triglycerides synthesized by the lymph affect the levels of this hormone and the Lymph can produce and secrete a substance called lymphokine, which directly affects the growth and development of the thyroid gland, thereby causing the thyroid gland to become enlarged.  Therefore, the most basic treatment method can be achieved by regulating the function of the lymphatic system, which is more thorough than surgical resection and is also the safest method.

Reduce lymphatic inflammationFivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings

Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings

What Makes These Fivfivgo™ EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Earrings Your GREAT CHOICE?

1. 100% Herbal Extracts, All Natural, Cruelty Free.
2. Using the most advanced essential oil extraction technology, 1000 times concentrated, faster and better.
3. Made in the United States, FDA, double GMP certification, safe and effective.
4. Powerful function:

  • speed up metabolism
  • Release 10x more negative ions that maximize fat burning
  • Clear the bloodstream and lymph nodes
  • Reduces 60% of excess lymph fluid in 3 months
  • 5x Powerful infrared therapy than other materials
  • Increases the body’s energy and vitality
  • Effective lymphatic detoxification

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