EzWipe Stone Stain Remover Cleaner


EzWipe Stone Stain Remover Cleaner
EzWipe Stone Stain Remover Cleaner

Unrivaled Cleaning Performance
EzWipe™ is designed to provide unmatched cleaning performance. Its unique formula penetrates deep into the pores of the stone, effectively lifting and eradicating stains, leaving your surfaces looking brand new.

EzWipe™ Stone Stain Remover Cleaner

Safe for All Stone Types
Worried about damaging your precious stone surfaces? With EzWipe™, you can relax. Our cleaner is specially formulated to be safe and gentle on all types of natural and engineered stone, preserving their original beauty without any harm. EzWipe™ Stone Stain Remover Cleaner

Restores Shine & Luster
EzWipe™ Stone Stain Remover Cleaner isn’t just about removing stains; it’s also a master at restoring the luster and shine of any stone surface. Whether it’s your marble countertops, travertine floors, or quartz vanity, our innovative formula works diligently to bring back the natural brilliance that might have been dulled by time and use.

Versatile Usage
EzWipe™ is not just limited to countertops! It works wonders on various stone surfaces like floors, vanities, backsplashes, and more. Enjoy its versatility in keeping your entire home or office space looking immaculate.

EzWipe™ Stone Stain Remover Cleaner

Made with a Fast-acting formula and ultimate solution!

🔹Silicone: This ingredient acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that the cleaning agents work effectively without causing harm to your valuable stone surfaces.
🔹Fluorosilicone Polymer: Known for its exceptional stain-lifting properties, this polymer is the secret behind EzWipe™’s ability to target and remove stubborn stains with precision.
🔹Penetrant: The penetrant in our formula works wonders by seeping deep into the pores of your stone, breaking down stains from within and making them easier to wipe away.
🔹Auxiliary Elements: These supporting elements enhance the overall cleaning process, helping to lift away impurities and leaving your stone surfaces refreshed and radiant.

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