Evevina Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film


Evevina™ Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film
Evevina Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film


Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Evevina™ Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film

“Every time I smiled or laughed, I’d subconsciously touch the deepening laugh lines on my face. A friend recommended Evevina™, and although skeptical, I gave it a shot. Fast forward three weeks, and not only have those lines softened, but the skin around my cheeks feels firmer too. The best part? I received a compliment from my daughter saying I looked ‘rested’ after years!” – Linda Martinez, 47


“I’ve always been expressive, but by 38, my forehead bore the evidence in the form of noticeable lines. I decided to try Evevina™ on a whim. The first week passed with slight changes, but by the end of the second week, there was a clarity and firmness to my skin that hadn’t been there in years. Even my husband, who rarely notices such things, asked if I’d changed my skincare routine!” – Rebecca Khan, 38

The secret lies in our 100% soluble freeze-dried collagen film. Powered by revolutionary technology, it effortlessly melts into your skin, leaving no traces. As it vanishes, the small molecule essence penetrates the deepest layers of your skin, offering unparalleled comfort, moisture-lock, and rejuvenation.

Your Skin’s Collagen Production Diminishes Over Time

Collagen acts as skin’s structural pillar, preserving its suppleness and moisture. Aging impairs this natural collagen production, starting from our mid-20s, with an accelerating decline, reaching up to 25% by our 40s. This dip in collagen synthesis underlies signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

The Soluble Technology

Evevina™ employs an avant-garde Soluble Technology, designed to surpass the skin’s natural barriers with precision-crafted small molecule essence. Unlike traditional skincare that primarily addresses the skin’s surface, our soluble collagen film dissolves seamlessly, penetrating both the epidermis and dermis layers. This deep cellular engagement not only provides unparalleled hydration and deep comfort but also harnesses three-dimensional water storage, rejuvenating the skin’s structure and appearance.

Endorsement by Leading Dermatologist

Evevina™ Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film

“Its meticulous blend of collagen, seaweed extract, and Bacillus represents a pinnacle of formulation precision. What’s most remarkable, beyond its advanced components, is its evident efficacy. In my professional evaluation, Evevina™ exhibits a remarkable ability to rejuvenate and restore at the cellular level, setting a new benchmark in skincare. It is not merely a product; it is a dermatological triumph, and I unequivocally endorse its use.”

Potent Ingredients for Effective Anti-Aging

Collagen: Bio-optimized for deep dermal renewal, it combats age-related decline, enhancing skin elasticity and structure.

Seaweed Extract: Rich in minerals and antioxidants, it hydrates and protects against oxidative stress, priming skin for regeneration.

Bacillus: Fine-tuning the skin’s microbiota, it ensures sustained hydration and a balanced, radiant complexion.

Clinical Study Proves: 4 Weeks to Transformed Skin

In a comprehensive study by the Global Dermatology Institute, Evevina™ was evaluated for its promises.

Study Parameters:

Duration: 4 weeks

Participants: 220 individuals, aged 28-62, varied skin types

Regimen: Daily application

 Evevina™ Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film

Results after 4 weeks:

97% reported exceptional skin hydration, attributing it to deep comfort.

95% saw a significant reduction in specific areas like crow’s feet, forehead lines, and laugh lines.

93% felt their skin becoming firmer, with better moisture retention.

93% witnessed a more even and radiant skin tone.

Voices From Our Community

“The lines under my eyes always made me look more tired than I felt. I tried numerous creams, but nothing worked until Evevina™. In the initial days, I felt a comforting moisture-lock around my eye area. But it was on day 20 when I truly saw the difference – the lines were visibly reduced, and I didn’t look perpetually exhausted anymore.” – Sophia Hernandez, 45

 Evevina™ Korean Soluble Freeze-Dried Collagen Film

“I’d almost given up on products promising deep skin rejuvenation until I tried Evevina™. Just a few weeks in, and the transformation is undeniable. My forehead lines, which I thought were permanent fixtures, are visibly softened. Plus, the consistent hydration keeps my skin looking and feeling its best all day. It’s deep skincare that truly delivers!” – Derek Reynolds, 36

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