COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra


COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra
COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra

andy Barrett shared this picture after wearing this COLORIVER™ Detox & Shape Power Lift Bra for 4 weeks.

Congrats on her success!

COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra

My endocrine system started to become abnormal after giving a birth a couple of years ago. I got fat and serious breast outward expansion. I mean they looked so saggy. Also I felt tired quite frequently and got unexplained pain in my chest. What’s worse is my menstruation comes only once every two or three months. I tried a lot of products, but none of them worked.

Until a friend introduced this COLORIVER™ Detox & Shape Power Lift Bra to me.I decided to give it a try. Within 4 weeks, it helped me lose about 46 pounds, my breasts were plumped up, and now I am a big fan of it.

This is really a game changer! What is even more surprising is that the toxins in the body have been completely eliminated. I feel much more relaxed now as my endocrine and menstruation are back to normal.


Mandy Barrett, 36, Montgomery

COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra

“I feel like I’m looking for something that every other woman seems to develop. I’ve looked into implants but came across this COLORIVER™ Detox & Shape Power Lift Bra instead and tried it. I was shocked with the results, this increased the size of my breasts and made them rounder in just 4 weeks! My boyfriend actually asked me about my breasts getting larger out of the blue! Thank you for giving back my confidence!”


 Amelia Garcia, Arizona

1. How does the COLORIVER™ bra work?

COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra
Dr. Ethan Reynolds ‘ team used innovative 3D molding technology on the COLORIVER™ bra, combining ion therapy, far-infrared therapy, and absinthe therapy to embed tourmaline into absinthe-soaked seaweed fibers without the need for electricity or Other sources of energy can produce energy . Multiple tourmaline points can generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour, stimulating more than 800 reflex points in the chest . The far- infrared rays produced by tourmaline , combined with the absinthe embedded in seaweed fibers, can release mugwort factors and seaweed negative oxygen factors , providing users with multi-dimensional massage and stimulation.

2.far infrared therapy

Far-infrared radiation is part of the infrared electromagnetic spectrum and can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue of the human body up to 16 mm and reach deep muscle tissue, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments. It helps repair damaged cells, expand capillaries, accelerate cell metabolism and lymphatic drainage . The effect of infrared radiation is used to produce high-frequency vibrations, which can promote blood circulation, stimulate the production of thymus tissue cells , and decompose subcutaneous fat.

COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), far-infrared therapy is an advanced treatment used to burn fat , promote lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite. It does this by increasing your heart rate and activity, even when you’re not exercising.

3.Upgraded Absinthe Therapy

Different from simple soaking in the past, Dr. Ethan Reynolds embeds tourmaline into absinthe-soaked seaweed fiber . With the energy provided by the tourmaline , negative ions, mugwort factor and seaweed negative oxygen factor are released . These herbal ingredients have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and bone-strengthening properties .

According to long-term clinical observations by Stanford Medicine , the upgraded version of absinthe therapy can also prevent and treat health problems such as cellulite, swollen lymph nodes, fibroadenoma, and cysts, and can help prevent breast cancer.

Why COLORIVER™ is worth trying for every woman ?

COLORIVER™ Detox Shaping Power Lift Bra
As of October 25, we have received feedback from more than 96,000 users, 98% of whom achieved satisfactory results within 3-5 weeks, and no one experienced a rebound in symptoms.

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