Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower


Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower
Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower

🎂Add a fun, spectacular tuneful spin to blow your wishes with this musical spin flower birthday candle!

Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower

A unique sparkler designed in a closed flower bud that magically ‘blooms’ with 8 candles attached securely to each petals. Moreover, it automatically opens out and even spins to the tune of “Happy Birthday” joyfully just by easily lighting it up at the center. Making it the best whimsical candle on any themed or standard cake that can surely enlighten any events. Suitable for regular days or special occasions such as birthdays, parties, holidays, christmas, anniversaries, new years, surprise cake, celebrations, and so much more. Available in 5 trendy color selections, including rainbow, yellow, red, purple, blue, and pink.

Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower

This musical spin candle-flower can perfectly sit atop bigger cakes or be separately stand alone on the side for those with smaller cake. No worries as this fun candle does not sparkle dangerously or cause any sort of fire hazard that would harm everyone. The music spinning base doesn’t heat up even after you lit the candle to also prevent any unwanted explosion. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that can be placed near any food product without harmful chemical leaching or fumes. 

Make every cake even more merrier and full of magic using this musical spin flower birthday candle! 🎂


  • Magical Lotus Candle
    A fun, statement sparkler designed in a lovely lotus flower that comes with 8 candles that are placed securely on each petals. Additionally, this flower-candle offers a built-in musical box-like base and technology that delivers a cute happy birthday song once lit while rotating the flower. All you have to do is to place the candle stably on the table or top of the cake itself then light up the center of the closed lotus, and done. It will automatically ignite the 8 candles and open up gorgeously in full bloom as it spins with music on while spinning. Making it the best candle that will surely amazed everyone and will turn every birthday cake or occasion even more magical and special.
  • Extremely Safe To Use
    This musical spin lotus candle can sit atop any traditional cakes and birthday cakes without the need to pierce the candle deep anymore like with regular ones. It does not sparkle dangerously to keep the fire from spreading everywhere and causing accidental burning or harm. No worries as the 8 candles do not also burn the lotus petal and they also do not prompt the music box base to heat up to prevent explosion. What’s more? This pretty flower-shaped musical candle can also be safely blown like your regular candle with no issues.

Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower

  • Stunning Flower Color
    The magical music lotus candle comes in 6 different color selections that are sure to complement any cake decoration and event themes. Brighten up any cake and make them more eye-catching with color rainbow, yellow, red, purple, blue, or pink. The perfect candle to blow out for granting wishes and delivering joyful wishes during birthdays and special occasions!
  • Multi-Scene Application
    This spinning flower musical candle is an extraordinary addition that can instantly light up any events. No worries as the happy birthday song that the candle plays is only instrumental to make it suit a variety of events. Suitable for any regular day or special occasions, including birthdays, parties, holidays, christmas, anniversaries, new years, surprise cake, celebrations, and more possibilities.

Cithway™ Deluxe Candle Musical Lotus Flower

  • Premium Quality
    Made with high-quality, non-toxic paraffin wax candle and materials with an impressive durability and musical spinning technology. It does not emit any strong, harmful odor or leach any unwanted chemical to ensure overall safety and health. Furthermore, you don’t need to individually pierce all 8 candles anymore as they are already conveniently attached to the petals. This musical spin flower candle also provides you the option if you want to put them atop the cake or separately alone for those with a small cake.

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