Biancat GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen


Biancat GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen
Biancat GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen

Dive into the dazzling realm of radiant beauty with the Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen. This isn’t just your regular highlighter; it’s your ticket to a glow that redefines rules, sculpts charisma, and outshines from dawn to dusk. Because who said you can’t carry your own spotlight?

Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen

Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen offers blush, highlighter, and contouring tool. Equipped with a cushion tip, it ensures even and effortless application, bringing forth a perfect, sculpted glow that endures from dawn to dusk. Its lightweight, blendable formula is your secret to a deep, three-dimensional contouring effect, effortlessly carving out your natural features. Infused with a moisturizing concoction, its liquid silky texture is a joy to apply, gliding onto your skin for a moist, smooth finish that’s incredibly easy to blend.

The Biancat™ GlamGleam Pen brings versatility to your fingertips. Sculpt beautifully defined cheekbones, add a rosy hue to your cheeks, or catch the light from every angle with its reflective properties. This magical wand is designed to brighten and darken according to different lights and angles, amplifying the depth of your makeup. Waterproof and smudge-proof, this beauty marvel holds up under any conditions, celebrating your unique beauty every step of the way. It’s not just makeup, it’s your passport to a beauty journey that’s as individual as you are.


✔️ Multifunctional Delight: It’s your secret to achieving a radiant glow, a youthful blush, and well-defined contours. Designed to accentuate, illuminate, and sculpt.

✔️ Seamless, Effortless Sophistication: Equipped with a unique cushion tip, application is simplified to perfection, while the silky, lightweight formula promises to blend seamlessly, enhancing the natural beauty of your skin.

Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen

✔️ Deep Contouring with Moisturizing Power: The formula not only allows for the creation of natural, three-dimensional features but also offers a silky, hydrating application experience due to its moisturizing properties.

✔️ Light Adaptable: Designed to brighten and darken according to different lights and angles for an amplified depth of makeup.

Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen

✔️ Day-to-Night Dazzle: Uninterrupted glow from sunrise to sunset, ensuring you remain flawless. One tool, multiple styles – whether you’re all about that subtle radiance or dramatic definition all day, all night.

✔️ Smudge-free & Waterproof Wonder: Come rain or shine, your radiance won’t fade. It stays where it belongs – no smears, no smudges, just beauty that lasts.

Biancat™ GlamGleam Makeup Highlighter Cushion Pen

How to Use:?

  1. Remove the Lid: Gently pull off the lid of the pen.
  2. Open the Pen: Twist the pen inwards, following the direction marked ‘ON’ to open.
  3. Release the Formula: Apply slight pressure to extrude the creamy formula within the pen.
  4. Apply with Ease: Use the sponge applicator at the nozzle to apply the product directly to your face.

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